Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Singapore,


Singaporeans are passionate about food and eating, be it fine dining, visits to cafes and restaurants or just hanging out at the local coffee-shop. At almost every corner of the island, there is an endless variety of food options available, at any time of the day.

In this cosmopolitan and multicultural city, you can expect nothing less than a mélange of flavours from around the globe. It is not just East-meets-West when it comes to feasting in Singapore – it is a tasty tale of a country’s unique cultural tapestry woven in with its distinct influences to capture the essence of Singapore’s multicultural heritage.

The annual Singapore Food Festival is an important and well-celebrated landmark culinary event to notable local chefs, recognising their talents through a showcase of the unique and tasty local dishes.

Comprising of weekly core event, themed celebrations, workshops and other activities, the festival is definitely the route to a gastronomic journey of local fare that distinguishes Singapore as a food capital of Asia.

Among the top local dishes that have been singled out on a nation-wide basis is the Hainanese Chicken Rice which is served at Chatterbox – Home of the Mandarin Chicken Rice. Visitors from all over the world make regular pilgrimages to enjoy the authentic recipe and time-honoured taste of our award-winning chicken rice, which already is a household name amongst locals.

Chatterbox, Level 5
Taste the legendary Mandarin Chicken Rice, along with other signature favourites such as Mandarin Lobster Laksa, Nasi Lemak, and Herbal Bak Kut Teh, amidst a distinctive yet relaxed ambience.

Triple Three, Level 5
Named for the address of the hotel – 333 Orchard Road – Triple Three boasts one of the most extensive spread of Japanese-inspired international buffet, featuring the freshest Sashimi and Sushi, refreshing seafood on ice, a premium Roast section and mouth-watering desserts.

Coffee & Crust, Level 5
Coffee & Crust is a café serving premium coffee from Italian brand, illy; accompanied by a smorgasbord of irresistible cakes, tarts, pastries, cookies and pralines that will satisfy every dessert lover.

Bar on 5, Level 5
Bar on 5 is the ideal place to chill out and unwind after a hard day’s work. Located five floors above Orchard Road, it provides a fabulous view of the shopping belt. The beverage menu features an array of spirited cocktails, acclaimed wines, premium whiskies and specialty coffees.

Pine Court Chinese Restaurant (Level 38, Orchard Wing)
Famed for its refreshing interpretations of traditional Cantonese cuisine, intimate ambience and impeccable service.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Singapore,

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Singapore,