The No.1 Pizza Restaurant
In The Philippines.

CHICK-N-CHIPS Our famous pressure-fried chicken and MOJO Potatoes! Tender cuts of chicken marinated in a special sauce and cooked to golden, crisp perfection! Plus, Shakey's famous way of serving potatoes! Hefty slices of potato, coated with our very own special breading, and pressure-fried to a mouth- watering golden brown!

Snack Pack
(2 pcs. Chicken with 3 MOJO Potatoes)
Solo Pack
(3 pcs. Chicken with 5 MOJO Potatoes)
Buddy Pack
(5 pcs. Chicken with 7 MOJO Potatoes)
Family Pack
(9 pcs. Chicken with 9 MOJO Potatoes)
Extra MOJO Potatoes (5 pcs.) 19.95

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Shakey's Pizza