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Recommended Hotels in Manila Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Bayview Park Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,763.00 Book
Casa Bocobo 3 stars PHP 1,084.00 Book
Hotel Jen Manila (Formerly Traders ... 4 stars PHP 3,510.00 Book
Copacabana Apartment-Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,665.00 Book
Extremeli Suites (Solemare Suites) 3 stars PHP 1,627.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in The Fort, Taguig Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
MaxStays - Max Pavilion @ The Venic... Boutique PHP 4,500.00 Book
Avant Serviced Suites Boutique PHP 3,793.00 Book
Seda Bonifacio Global City 4 stars PHP 6,000.00 Book
F1 Hotel Manila 4 stars PHP 4,599.00 Book
The Luxe Residences (Serviced Apart... Serviced Apartment Special Rate Book

Recommended Hotels in Quezon City Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City 3 stars PHP 1,176.00 Book
Sir Williams Hotel 2 stars PHP 1,097.00 Book
Gran Prix Quezon City 2 stars PHP 1,124.00 Book
Hotel Rembrandt 3 stars PHP 2,100.00 Book
Brentwood Suites 3 stars PHP 2,039.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Bohol Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Henann Resort Alona Beach 4 stars PHP 4,649.00 Book
Bohol Beach Club 4 stars PHP 7,377.00 Book
Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort 5 stars PHP 4,241.00 Book
Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa 5 stars PHP 9,926.00 Book
Bohol Bee Farm 3 stars PHP 2,325.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Palawan Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Princesa Garden Island Resort and S... 5 stars PHP 6,423.00 Book
Sunlight Guest Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,674.00 Book
Tropical Sun Inn 3 stars PHP 788.00 Book
Casitas De Az Pension 2 stars PHP 538.00 Book
Angelic Mansion 2 stars PHP 786.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Baguio Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Le Monet Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,603.00 Book
The Manor at Camp John Hay 5 stars PHP 4,125.00 Book
Albergo Hotel 3 stars PHP 2,481.00 Book
Ridgewood Residence 3 stars PHP 1,972.00 Book
Chalet Baguio 3 stars PHP 2,295.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Batangas Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Canyon Cove Beach Club 4 stars PHP 2,824.00 Book
Canyon Woods Resort Club 4 stars PHP 3,100.00 Book
Club Balai Isabel 4 stars PHP 4,345.00 Book
Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort 4 stars PHP 5,329.00 Book
Cintai Coritos Garden 4 stars PHP 5,665.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Bataan Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 4 stars PHP 4,585.00 Book
Crown Royale Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,238.00 Book
Hillside Garden Mansions 3 stars PHP 1,064.00 Book
The Oriental Hotel Bataan 4 stars PHP 3,670.00 Book
Gap Plaza Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,662.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Baler Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Costa Pacifica Baler 4 stars PHP 4,506.00 Book
El Teodoro Lodge 2 stars PHP 2,179.00 Book
Akkaw Baler Hometel 2 stars PHP 1,266.00 Book
North Blue Bay Inn 3 stars PHP 2,179.00 Book
Oceana Lodge 3 stars PHP 2,876.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Makati Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Dusit Thani Manila 5 stars PHP 5,375.00 Book
Makati Diamond Residences 5 stars PHP 6,361.00 Book
The A. Venue Hotel 4 stars PHP 2,021.00 Book
Azotea Suites 3 stars PHP 1,009.00 Book
Astoria Greenbelt 3 stars PHP 4,269.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Ortigas Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
The Exchange Regency Residence Hote... 4 stars PHP 2,567.00 Book
Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern 3 stars PHP 2,633.00 Book
Privato Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,956.00 Book
Red Planet Ortigas, Manila 3 stars PHP 1,161.00 Book
BSA Twin Towers 3 stars PHP 2,118.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Cebu Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu 5 stars PHP 3,360.00 Book
Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort 3 stars PHP 8,164.00 Book
Gran Prix Econotel 3 stars PHP 757.00 Book
Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort 4 stars PHP 4,241.00 Book
Radisson Blu Cebu 5 stars PHP 4,400.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Boracay Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Las Brisas de Boracay Resort 3 stars PHP 2,936.00 Book
Boracay Peninsula Resort Standard Hotel Apt PHP 2,501.00 Book
Oro Beach Resort 3 stars PHP 2,480.00 Book
Aloha Boracay Hotel 3 stars PHP 2,670.00 Book
Paradise Garden Resort Hotel and Co... 4 stars PHP 4,918.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Tagaytay Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites 3 stars PHP 2,789.00 Book
KC Hillcrest Hotel And Golf Club (f... 4 stars PHP 1,514.00 Book
Chateau Royale Sports and Country C... 3 stars PHP 2,341.00 Book
Rivera Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,978.00 Book
Residence Inn 3 stars PHP 1,961.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Puerto Galera Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Infinity Resort 4 stars PHP 9,063.00 Book
Coco Beach Island Resort 3 stars PHP 2,769.00 Book
Buri Resort and Spa 3 stars PHP 2,855.00 Book
Seashore Beach Resort 3 stars PHP 1,317.00 Book
Marco Vincent Dive Resort 3 stars PHP 4,800.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Davao Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Red Planet Davao - PHP 1,066.00 Book
Hotel Galleria 3 stars PHP 816.00 Book
The Royale House Travel Inn and Sui... Budget PHP 551.00 Book
Marco Polo Davao 5 stars PHP 3,418.00 Book
The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases 3 stars PHP 2,013.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Pampanga Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
@thePAD Hotel and Resort 3 stars PHP 1,676.00 Book
Lewis Grand Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,258.00 Book
Princess Madison 2 stars PHP 1,075.00 Book
Red Phoenix Hotel 2 stars PHP 992.00 Book
Rumi Apartelle Hotel 3 stars PHP 717.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Coron Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Coron Westown Resort 4 stars PHP 2,879.00 Book
The Riverhouse 3 stars PHP 1,876.00 Book
Coron Eco Lodge 2 stars PHP 1,344.00 Book
Jazmine's Place 2 stars PHP 1,231.00 Book
Corto Del Mar 4 stars PHP 4,111.00 Book

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  44-203-695-3224 (from UK)

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