" To be Thai For a While "
In Mae-rim district, Chiangmai At The Mae-Rim Lagoon Hotel

Valid from Now - 31 October 2007
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Room type
Bht 4,200 ++
Bht 7,200 ++
Bht 4,800 ++
Bht 8,400 ++
Rates are subject to 10% service charge and vat
Single/Twin Package rate is applicable to minimum 2 persons

The package that is not just a normal sight-seeing but also offering you : -
- To spend your time with the old Thai culture.
- To understand hot the Thai lives
- To visit farmers and water buffaloes at work in the paddy field.
- To enjoy making the local hand made products
- To take cooking lesson of the famous Thai food.
- To relax by the hotel facilities and natural tranquility away from the city

The package includes : -
- 2 Nights accommodation in a nice Twin bedroom
Transportation to/from Airport, Railway station, Bus station or any hotel in Chiangmai City
- 1 picnic lunch, 1 lunch at a Thai house, 2 dinners and daily breakfast
- A Mor-hom Shirt (Northern style shirt)
- Leang Pra Pane and Sai Bard
- Visit Baankwai
- Visit the village, school and neighbors
- A fresh food shopping at the local market
- Cooking and flower lacing or Kom-loi making lesson
- A sun bath with banana leaves, a body massage and foot massage, the Royal Thai style

To be Thai For a While

    Day One

Warm welcome, traditional Thai way. Each guest will receive "Mor-Hom," a Northern style shirt as a souvenir from our hotel.
11:00 am

Preparation for "Leang-Pra-Pane".
"Leang-Pra-Pane" is an everyday duty of those Thais that are living by the principle of Buddhism. By theory, Thai Monks are allowed to consume food given to them by the people. Therefore, one of the duties of a Buddhist believer is to bring food offering to the monk every day before 12 noon. Enhancing the traditions and beliefs of Thai people, Buddhist monks can relatively keep Buddhism alive and keep Thailand rich with cultures.
12:00 noon
Northern style picnic by the Wat-padarapirom Menu: Seasoned grilled chicken, spicy papaya salad, sticky rice and much more delicious traditional northern food.
03:00 pm

Baankwai Thai Mae-Rim. Baankwai Thai is one of a kind tourist attraction that you can not find anywhere else. A mock village, showcasing the lifestyle of the Lanna or Northern Thai people. Tourists will not only get to see the preservation of a unique way of life but also the natural wonder of buffaloes.
Afternoon :
Royal style or Herbal Massage Therapy.
07:30 PM

Dine with authentic Mum's Cuisine.
Mae-Rim Lagoon Hotel's famous and loving "Mum", is the hotel owner's mother who is well known for her home made cooked meals. Delicious traditional Thai food will be served on the terrace by the lake, and can be eaten with ancient style manners without utensils.
08:00 PM
Preparation for "Sai-Bard", an early morning activity.
09:00 PM
Watch an in-house Thai movie.
    Day Two
06:00 am

Be amazed by the beauty of the impressive scenic which seems like a water colored painting. The emergence of thin cloudy fog moves by the morning breeze over the lagoon surrounding the hotel. This wonder will only appear 15 minutes after sunrise.
07:00 am

Sai-Bard at the nearby temple
A second method for making the food offering to the monks is wake up at the crack of the dawn to find them scattered around the city. The picture of orange roped monks walking in lines all over the city in the mist of morning atmosphere is one that should not be missed. Not only does it represent the culture of Thailand but also the continuity of a way of life that will remain till the end of time. Guests will have their pick of a variety of flowers for a later activity.
08:00 am
09:00 am

Sunbathing with Banana Leaves.
Bathing oneself under the Sun with herbs and banana leaves is believed to be a therapy for skin and respiratory system. The banana leaves are used for UV protection while the herbals and heat are working together to benefit the body as in sauna therapy. Spend some time before noon walking/biking to nearby villages and schools to experience the lives of Thai people in Mae-rim district and visit Uncle Tai's house for lunch. Uncle Tai lives in a traditional Thai style house that mainly made out of teak wood. Most houses in Thailand nowadays have been modernized and altered to tailor the tastes of the new generations. Therefore, it is rare to find such a beautiful house in the center of this changing world.
Afternoon :

Visit food market to experience the grocery shopping for fresh food , and be prepared for the cooking lesson.
Guests may choose any activities here under during the afternoon:
- Cooking lesson: Pad Thai and Tom-yum, or
- Thai flower lace: The art of flower lacing by using a variety of flowers.
- Making Kom-loi: the flying lantern made of paper and bamboo.
- Foot massage : A perfect relaxation so called Reflexology.
07:00 PM
Candle light dinner at the pool-side. Menu: Food cooked from the earlier cooking lesson, and more from the chef.
   Day Three
Free time Customers are suggested to have a small walk to a nearby gallery to enjoy Thai arts and gifts and visit Orchid Farm to brighten the day with beautiful flowers. Spend your free time relaxing by the swimming pool, play snooker, sauna, and etc. Check-out time is flexible upon your flight schedule. Airport transfers are provided free of charge.

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