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I salute Asiatravel for their outstanding Cash Reward Program. I always log-in whenever I book or even just check rates so I am sure that all my bookings will be recorded and I am impressed that Asiatravel informed me through email that I am already qualified for a reward! I am just grateful they took initiative of informing me as a customer and I didn't have to count my bookings myself. The process was pretty easy online, I am able to provide my details in less than 5 minutes! And thanks again for informing me that you credited it into my bank account! I am your customer for life!

- Ms Cathrina Lim

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Testimonials about - August 2014

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Mr. Fleming, Australia
The travel service is reliable and so far has done a very good booking service.
Mr. Eckert, Canada
No problems, website easy to use.
Mr. Long, United States
The foreign transaction fees from my bank are not good, and other sites don't require this, but otherwise the bookings were smooth enough. Strange also to get an email requesting a reply to confirm, but it's not a bad thing, I guess.
Mr. Kitakami, Thailand
There is no issues on booking. Especially reply after booking is very speedy and satisfied.
Ms. Chanvisanuruks, Thailand
good service
Ms. Chanvisanuruks, Thailand
excellent service
Ms. Chanvisanuruks, Thailand
good service
Mr. Andrade, United Arab Emirates
Excellent & Trust worthy. Quick confirmation with clear details being sent to the Customers upon booking.
Mr. Buerger, Germany
the booking process was easy and fast, everything went good as it was my first time trying youre website.
Ms. Wang, China
This is the first time I have booked rooms with Asiatravel. I'm very satisfied the service. I can get an instant reply every time I inquire about the room. I really appreciate your help!
Mr. Alviar, Philippines
Helpful ....
Ms. Alshibli, Philippines
Excellent service. Extremely efficient, friendly and very helpful team. Highly recommended.
Ms. Wong, Australia
Mr. Gao, Indonesia
Definitely recommended! Yet need to update some of the hotel pictures...
Mr. Taylor, United Arab Emirates
The booking process went without a hitch. Asia travel is always easy to deal with.
Mr. Cano, Philippines
Good service and prompt response is more your trade mark and we appreciate such trade mark. The only comment I have with Asia Travel is the promo offered that were not properly connected to the booking processes or the promo code is not included on the booking dialog.
Ms. Su, Singapore
The booking is very smooth and easy.
Ms. Guarin, Philippines
Fast and easy booking process.
Mr. maher, Lebanon
professional staff
Mr. maher, Lebanon
nice and professional staff

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