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All visitors to UAE are required of a visa sponsored by a local entity such as a hotel or tour company.

Click HERE for the list of citizens/ Passport Holders who do not need a pre-arranged visa.

There are two types: Short Term Tourist Visas for 14 days and Tourist visas for 30 days. Airlines may require confirmation that the sponsor is holding a valid visa for incoming visitors. Visas are easily obtainable for visitors except Israelis and traveler’s whose passports bear Israeli stamps. Guests are strongly advised to check current regulations before traveling.


Normal Processing (Documents and Payment received 10 working days or more prior intended Arrival Date)

    ✔ SHORT TERM TOURIST VISA (14 Days): AED 450.00 (USD 123.00) per passport

    ✔ TOURIST VISA (30 Days): AED 550.00 (USD 150.00) per passport

    ✔ SHORT TERM TOURIST VISA WITH ORIGINAL COPY: AED 550.00 (USD 150.00) per passport (Exclusive of Courier Fee)

    ✔ TOURIST VISA WITH ORIGINAL COPY: AED 650.00 (USD 177.00) per passport (Exclusive of Courier Fee)

Urgent Processing (Documents and Payment received 2-9 working days prior intended Arrival Date)

    ✔ Additional AED 100.00 (USD 28.00) per passport applies

Issued Tourist Visa are SINGLE ENTRY and NON-EXTENDABLE only process UAE visa for TOURISM/ LEISURE purpose only. Violators are apprehended and fined immediately

  • 1)   Fully acccomplised and duly signed Application Form

    2)   Passport Biopage copy in .jpg format, colored and valid for at least 6 months on the date of travel

          Passport should be machine readable in English or Arabic format only

    3)   Passport Size picture in .jpg format, white background

    4)   Non-refundable visa fee

    5)   Refundable guarantee deposit*

    6)   Confirmed minimum 3 nights hotel accomodation booked thru or

  • Additional Requirements:
  • 1)   Birth Certificate for children age below 18 years old

    2)   Additional Fee and Attestation may apply if parent/s of child hold UAE Residence Visa

    3)   For passengers departing from Philippines original (Pink Copy) visa must be presented at NAIA

    4)   Confirmed return ticket copy

    5)   Employment Letter

    a.   For employed: Letter from employer, on company letterhead, stating the applicant's position in the company, date of joining and approved date/ days of leave for UAE travel.
    b.   For self- employed; A copy of business license.
    c.   For retired, homemaker or student: Letter for the applicant's bank stating that they are in good standing

    6)   Invitation Letter or signed Guarantee Waiver from the host in UAE (When applicable)

    a.   If visiting an individual: The letter must include, in detail, clear invitation to visit; full name of host; relationship between the applicant and host; residence address and telephone number of the host; acceptance of responsibility for applicant while they are in the UAE.

    i.   Requires host's passport copy and UAE residence permit

    b.   If visiting an organization: The letter must be in official letterhead and include clear invitation to visit; organization name; acceptance of responsibility for applicant while in the UAE; name and telephone number of the applicant's point of contact within the organization.

    i.   Requires copy of the organization's business license in the UAE

  • -  Additional supporting documents may be asked to be submitted when deemed necessary.
    -  Visa Fee will be collected upon receipt and assessment of submitted documents.
    -  *As per company policy, we require Guarantee Deposit of AED 5800 per passport for visa processing. This is refundable upon receipt of copy of UAE exit stamp and clearance from our visa verification officer. Please contact our support team for any clarification.
    -  Although we strive to facilitate the visa grant, UAE Visa Approval is at sole discretion of the Immigration Officials and not of
    -  In case of rejection and gust would wish to re-apply, a new processing fee will be collected. Reapplication could be done but still non-guaranteed that Immigration Department will initiate Visa Approval.
  • -  Cancellation of hotel accomodation reservation will automatically render the visa void.
    -  Once Visa application has been submitted to GDRFA-Dubai, this Visa Fee is non-refundable whether visa is approved, rejected and/ or unused.
    -  A Cancellation Fee or Rejection Fee may be applied and collected in addition to the processing fee. Our support team will coordinate with the guest should such situation a rise.

Please note that UAE Rules and Regulations are very strict, Illegal drugs, drinking liquor, disrespect of dress code, and driving under the influence of alcohol are strictly prohibited.

For further information you can contact our office at Tel: (+971 4) 250-2250; Mobile: (+971) 55 938 4265.
E-mail at or and we will be happy to assist you.

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    ✔ Send scanned copies of all Required Documents
    ✔ Our support team will communicate once all requirements submitted are assessed for visa application
    ✔ Pay the corresponding fee online through secured link

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*Prepare and submit the following documents to support your visa application. Place your unique reference number in the email subject and submit to:

≫ Passport Biopage Copy in .jpg format and valid for atleast 6 months of travel. (Machine readable in English or Arabic format only)
≫ Passport Size picture in .jpg format, white background
≫ Fully accomplished and duly signed Application Form
≫ Confirmed Return Ticket Copy
≫ Hotel Accomodation Copy
≫ Sponsor Document (Passport Copy and Residence Visa Copy)
≫ Proof of earlier travel to UAE
≫ Invitation Letter from Immediate Family Members, if applicable
≫ Travel History (copy of Visa to USA or UK or Schengen or Japan or Russia or Australia or New Zealand or Canada, etc)
≫ Other Documents (Birth Certificate, Attestation, etc)