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Tagaytay Ridge Tour + Lunch (Originating from Manila)

A perfect balance of relaxation and adventure awaits you in this special Taal Volcano Trekking Tour!

Taal Volcano Trekking w/ Lunch & Club Balai Isabel Day Tour (min. of 2)

A perfect balance of relaxation and adventure awaits you in this special Taal Volcano Trekking Tour!

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Manila Hotel + Tagaytay Ridge Tour with Lunch

Tagaytay Ridge Tour with Lunch (Seat-in Coach)

Tagaytay Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Tagaytay City Map

Hotel Name
1088 Bed and Breakfast

PHP 2,296.00
1088 Vacation House

PHP 7,341.00
8 suites by Fat Jimmy

PHP 5,254.00
Alfonso Hotel

PHP 1,995.00
Alta D' Tagaytay

PHP 4,568.00
Alzeah's Place

PHP 1,782.00
Amirsache Villa

PHP 1,193.00
Amirsache Villa Annex

PHP 8,613.00
Amora's Room for Rent

PHP 1,350.00
Anya Resort Tagaytay

Special Rate
Bali Village Hotel

PHP 2,769.00
Basilisk Hotel (The Theodore Hotel)

PHP 4,478.00
Bed and Breakfast at Royale Tagaytay Country Club

PHP 2,284.00
Belize Tagaytay Inn

PHP 3,100.00
Cacao Tree Inn

PHP 1,937.00
Casa Alegria Bed and Breakfast

PHP 2,731.00
Casa Labak by The Windy Ridge

PHP 1,631.00
Casa Marcel Hotel

PHP 2,447.00
Casa Marcosa

PHP 1,468.00
Casa Maria Y Martha

PHP 1,631.00
Casablanca Private Resort

PHP 3,487.00
Chateau Beatrice

PHP 1,835.00
Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa

PHP 2,575.00
Citta Vivere Suites

PHP 1,415.00
Containers by Eco Hotel

Special Rate
Cool Breeze Hotel and Villas

PHP 1,872.00
Costiera Fermiliana Tagaytay

Special Rate
Country Chateau

PHP 3,112.00
Crazy Rate 3 Star Resort in Tagaytay

PHP 1,787.00
Crazy Rate 3-Star Hotel in Tagaytay

PHP 2,392.00
Crazy Rate 4-Star Hotel in Tagaytay

PHP 1,450.00
Crazy Rate 3-Star Hotel in Tagaytay

PHP 1,631.00
Crosswinds Resort Suites (Managed by HII)

PHP 2,985.00
D-Zone Backpackers Inn
1 Star

PHP 367.00
Daj Suites

PHP 1,937.00
Days Hotel Tagaytay

PHP 3,260.00
Destination Hotel Tagaytay

PHP 3,067.00
Discovery Country Suites

PHP 5,302.00
Domicillo Design Hotel

Special Rate
Eco Hotel

PHP 2,532.00
El Paso Inn

PHP 1,631.00
El Renzo Hotel Tagaytay

PHP 1,937.00
Elegant Star Apartelle

PHP 2,015.00
Emiramona Garden Hotel

PHP 2,427.00
Estancia Resort Hotel

PHP 3,964.00
F8 Bed and Breakfast

PHP 1,523.00
Famous Inn
1 Star

PHP 912.00
Filitico Rooms for Rent

PHP 1,223.00
Green Fortune Hotel

PHP 852.00
Hotel Aroha

PHP 2,325.00
Hotel Dominique Inc.

PHP 2,170.00
Hotel Georgina

PHP 1,591.00
Hotel Keni Po

PHP 1,219.00
Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

PHP 5,268.00
Hotel Morning Side Hills Rooms For Rent

PHP 1,919.00
Hotel on Wheels Tagaytay

PHP 30,587.00
Jemz Tagaytay Budget Transient

PHP 1,223.00
Jessar Apartelle

PHP 1,240.00
Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

PHP 3,719.00
John Peter Bed and Breakfast

PHP 1,631.00
KC Hillcrest Hotel And Golf Club (formerly Evercrest Hotel and Golf Club)

PHP 2,011.00
La Gracia Apartelle

PHP 959.00
Las Ventanas Tagaytay

PHP 1,451.00
Lazea Tagaytay Inn

PHP 2,039.00
Lee Boutique Hotel

PHP 4,078.00
Magallanes Square Hotel Inc.

PHP 2,015.00
Maganda Hotel

PHP 2,421.00
Malaco Hotel

PHP 2,325.00
MC Mountain Home Apartelle

PHP 1,937.00
MC Mountain Home Apartelle, Tagaytay

USD 27.51
Migo's Place

PHP 2,447.00
Mijo Rooms for Rent

PHP 1,615.00
Monalisa Tourist Inn

PHP 1,223.00
New Orleans Auberge Hotel

PHP 2,357.00
Nurture Wellness Village

PHP 5,057.00
One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

PHP 2,789.00
Potter's Ridge Hotel

PHP 2,983.00
Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast

PHP 3,362.00
Radiant Star Apartelle

PHP 2,111.00
Residence Inn

PHP 1,961.00
Rivera Hotel

PHP 1,790.00
Royal Taal Inn

PHP 2,325.00
Royal Thee Bed and Breakfast

PHP 2,039.00
Sarah Bed and Breakfast

PHP 2,039.00
Splendido Family Rooms at Tower I
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 3,817.00
Summit Ridge Tagaytay

PHP 3,640.00
Sunrise Holiday Mansion

PHP 1,549.00
Taal Vista Hotel

PHP 4,582.00
Tagaytay Country Hotel

PHP 3,059.00
Tagaytay Haven - Ulat

PHP 1,631.00
Tagaytay Haven Hotel Mendez

PHP 1,883.00
Tagaytay International Convention Center

PHP 404.00
Tagaytay Wingate Manor

PHP 3,650.00
The Carmelence Lodge

PHP 2,447.00
The Carmelence View

PHP 4,486.00
The Concierge @ Wind Residences

PHP 2,284.00
The Junction Hotel

PHP 2,936.00
The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

PHP 4,494.00
The Lake Hotel, Tagaytay

USD 85.74
The Lincoln Place

PHP 2,406.00
The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay

Special Rate
The Q Hotel

PHP 1,931.00
The Windy Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

PHP 2,325.00
The Windy Ridge Inn

PHP 2,284.00
Twin Pines Suites

PHP 2,284.00
Verao Bed and Breakfast

PHP 2,039.00
Verazza Hotel

PHP 3,316.00
View Park Hotel

PHP 3,377.00
Villa Marinelli

PHP 3,018.00
Vista Real Hotel

PHP 3,781.00

24/7 Hotline Number

  • (632) 634-4220

24 Hours Toll-Free Numbers

  • 1-415-527-0896 (from USA)
  • 44-203-695-3224 (from UK)