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Negros Oriental Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Bacong Map

Hotel Name
Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort

PHP 1,579.00

Hotels in Bayawan Map

Hotel Name
C&L Top View Inn

PHP 612.00

Hotels in Dauin Map

Hotel Name
Aaah! Inn

PHP 258.00
Aqua Landia Resort

PHP 1,958.00
Atmosphere Resorts And Spa

PHP 9,380.00
Azure Dive and Yoga Resort

PHP 3,670.00
Bahura Resort and Spa

PHP 4,307.00
Bravo Resorts - Munting Paraiso

PHP 4,486.00
Fish Unlimited Beach & Dive Resort

Special Rate
Gracey Dive Resort and Restaurant

PHP 2,464.00
KCG Place

PHP 571.00
Liquid Dive Resort

PHP 1,000.00
Mahogany Upland Resort

PHP 649.00
Mike's Dauin Beach Resort

PHP 2,529.00
Puertocita's Beach Resort
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,056.00
Salaya Beach Houses

PHP 17,871.00
Sea Dream Resorts

PHP 3,900.00
Sheila's place

Special Rate
Sierra Resort

PHP 2,039.00
Thalatta Beach Resort

PHP 2,773.00
Thythings Diving & Beach House

PHP 1,600.00
Vida Homes Condo Resort

PHP 11,760.00
Villa in Blue

PHP 3,400.00
Villa Waterfront Beach Residences

Special Rate

Hotels in Negros Oriental Map

Hotel Name
Coco Cubano Beach Resort

PHP 17,656.00
Florence Place
1 Star

PHP 999.00
Kakisa Dive Resort

PHP 1,958.00

Hotels in Siaton Map

Hotel Name
Antulang Beach Resort

PHP 2,024.00
Apo Island Beach Resort

PHP 2,700.00

Hotels in Sibulan Map

Hotel Name
Bravo Hotel

PHP 8,125.00
Casa Margaritha Resort

PHP 2,284.00
Seaview Apartment and Beach House

PHP 1,387.00
Wilson's Shangrila (Wilson's Bed and Breakfast)

Special Rate

Hotels in Zamboanguita Map

Hotel Name
Dream Resort at Malatapay Beach

PHP 1,200.00
Villa Amani

Special Rate
Wellbeach Dive Resort

PHP 1,591.00
White Chocolate Hills Resort

PHP 3,100.00

24/7 Hotline Number

  • (632) 634-4220

24 Hours Toll-Free Numbers

  • 1-415-527-0896 (from USA)
  • 44-203-695-3224 (from UK)