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Bacolod Half Day City Tour

Enjoy this no-frills trip from Manila!

Tours & Attractions

Dinosaurs Island & Holy Land Baguio

Visit the first theme park of its kind in Baguio!

Baguio Countryside Tour

See the famous & oldest scenic winding road linking Baguio to the Provinces in the lowlands.

Baguio Whole Day Tour

See the best of Baguio in one full-day tour!

Land Packages

3D2N Baguio with City Tour

Mines Views Park is an abandoned mine, used by early Ibaloi/Igorot peoples, is viewed from the said tourist spot.

3D2N Baguio with Countryside Tour

Because of its altitude, it was designated by the Philippine Commission as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

3D2N Hotel + Baguio Whole...

Experience Baguio to the fullest and enjoy the weather, history and scenery it has to offer.

Baguio Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Baguio City Map

Hotel Name
1896 Bed and Breakfast

Special Rate
A Hotel Baguio

PHP 1,162.00
AIM Conference Center Baguio (Igorot Lodge)

PHP 1,660.00
Albergo Hotel

PHP 2,481.00
Anaya Apartelle

PHP 1,919.00
Azalea Residences Baguio

PHP 3,819.00
Baguio Burnham Suites

PHP 2,740.00
Baguio Holiday Villas

PHP 3,461.00
Baguio Lefern Hotel

PHP 1,510.00
Baguio LeFern Hotel - MCO

Special Rate
Baguio Vacation Apartments

PHP 2,431.00
Bed & Breakfast @ Station 120

Special Rate
Belshang Lodge

PHP 1,223.00
Bloomfield Hotel

PHP 1,593.00
Brentwood Apartelle

PHP 2,651.00
Casa Bel Inn

Special Rate
Casa Isabelina

PHP 1,794.00
Casa Vallejo

PHP 1,740.00
Chalet Baguio

PHP 2,295.00
Citylight Hotel

Special Rate
Colione Bed And Breakfast

PHP 1,387.00
Cooyeesan Hotel Plaza

PHP 1,750.00
Crazy Rate 4-Star in Baguio

Special Rate
Crown Legacy Hotel

PHP 2,386.00
CV Bed and Bath Baguio
1 Star

PHP 408.00
De Castro Vacation House

PHP 7,341.00
DL Divine Inn

PHP 816.00
El Cielito Inn Baguio

PHP 2,085.00
Eurotel - Baguio

PHP 1,809.00
Garden Villas

PHP 2,830.00
Gardenville Hotel

PHP 2,626.00
Golden Pine Hotel and Restaurant

PHP 2,207.00
Green Valley Baguio Hotel and Resort Inc.

PHP 1,310.00
Heritage Mansion

PHP 1,953.00
Hollywood Drive-in Hotel

PHP 1,579.00
Hotel Cosmopolitan

PHP 1,468.00
Hotel Elegant

PHP 1,550.00
Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

USD 79.58
Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

PHP 1,684.00
Hotel Henrico - Kisad

PHP 1,611.00
Hotel Supreme

PHP 1,129.00
Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza

PHP 1,191.00
Hotel Urban and Superclub

PHP 1,623.00
Hotel Villa Rosal
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,567.00
Iggy's Inn & Restaurant

PHP 1,800.00
Jefrell Apartments

PHP 2,692.00
Kaleen's Transient House

PHP 816.00
La Brea Inn

PHP 1,134.00
La Casa Bianca

Special Rate
Le Monet Hotel

PHP 3,603.00
Le Monette BnB

PHP 250.00
Lyn's Do Drop Inn

Special Rate
Marian Kisad Hotel

PHP 1,468.00
Marian Palazz Hotel (formerly Palazzo D’ Bliss)

PHP 1,395.00
Microtel Inn and Suites Baguio

PHP 2,457.00
Mountain Lodge and Restaurant

PHP 1,912.00
Mountainside Lodging House

Special Rate
Nearby Baguio Transient House

PHP 1,223.00
Newtown Plaza Hotel

Special Rate
NYC Manhattan Suites

PHP 1,592.00
Paladin Hotel

PHP 1,410.00
Paragon Hotel and Suites

PHP 2,814.00
Peredo's Lodging House

PHP 861.00
Pine Breeze Cottages

PHP 1,668.00
Pines Econ Hotel

Special Rate
Pines View Hotel

PHP 1,191.00
Pink Transient House

PHP 4,798.00
Prestige Vacation Apartments - Bonbel Condominium

PHP 2,610.00
Prestige Vacation Apartments - Hanbi Mansions

PHP 6,933.00
Prince Plaza Baguio

PHP 1,388.00
Ridgewood Residence

PHP 1,972.00
Ritz Legarda

PHP 2,855.00
Safari Lodge Baguio by Log Cabin Hotel

PHP 1,985.00
Sierra Pines Baguio

PHP 2,055.00
Sisko Inn

PHP 1,088.00
Skyline Seven

PHP 816.00
Skyrise Hotel

PHP 1,431.00
St. Patrick Village

PHP 12,480.00
Tan-awan Lodge and Transient

PHP 1,223.00
The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay

PHP 4,201.00
The Home Christian Inn

PHP 816.00
The Manor at Camp John Hay

PHP 4,125.00
The Pilgrims Place

PHP 653.00
Tourist Cabin Transient - Green Valley

PHP 816.00
Tourist Cabin Transient - Mines View Park

PHP 816.00
Travelite Express Hotel

PHP 1,365.00
Triple Tree Apartelle

PHP 2,284.00
Tulip Apartelle - Legarda Branch

PHP 1,387.00
Tulip Apartelle - Loakan Baguio

PHP 816.00
Tulip Place

PHP 1,317.00
Venus Parkview Hotel

PHP 2,628.00
Villa Silvina Hotel and Restaurant (Former Villa La Maja Hotel and Restaurant).

PHP 1,060.00
Vybe Travellers Pad

PHP 4,894.00

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