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Myeik (Mergui) is between the sea and low hills with pagodas, monasteries and government buildings. It is a busy port town and a centre for the fishing, pearl, rice, preserved and dried fish, birds’ nests and rubber industries. There is a flourishing cultured pearl industry but for centuries Myeik natural pearl have been on par with rubies in value and attraction, much sought after by the Myanmar royalty and the aristocracy. These natural pearls were harvested by the Salon or Moken people, who are sometimes referred to as sea gypsies. Choose your travel dates and let Asiatravel find the perfect hotel in Myanmar. Our Lowest Rate Guarantee means you won’t find better rates anywhere.


Please dress modestly (cover shoulders, knees etc) especially in temples and pagodas.


Try the local cuisine, particularly the fesh seafood and short wheat noodles known as kat gyi kai. Start your journey into the nearby Myeik Archipelago, a stunning collection of several hundred mostly uninhabited islands.

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Eain Taw Phyu Hotel

USD 54.00
Kyal Pyan Hotel
1 Star

USD 14.00
White Pearl Guest House
1 Star

USD 13.00

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