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Dawei, which the British call Tavoy, is about 30 miles (48km) from the mouth of Dawei River on the coast of Tanintharyi (Tenessarim) Division. It is one of the oldest ports in Myanmar and was mentioned by the merchant traveller Ralph Fitch, who in 1583 became the first Englishman to set foot on Myanmar soil. Dawei is prosperous town, with many of the richest families owning fleets of fishing vessels or rubber plantations. As is usual with the typical and conservation Myanmar use of wealth, it is not apparent to the casual eye. It is quiet, peaceful little town, proud of famous as “Moung Ma Kan” beach. Choose your travel dates and let Asiatravel find the perfect hotel in Myanmar. Our Lowest Rate Guarantee means you won’t find better rates anywhere.


There is one daily train from Yangon to Dawei via Mawlamyine and Ye, which takes just over 24 hours. It departs Yangon at 18:25, departs Mawlamyine at 04:30, departs Ye (where you change to a different train) at 10:25 and arrives in Dawei at 19:00 (at least according to the schedule - delays are common).


Make the short journey west to pristine Maungmakan beach, where few foreign tourists venture. Wander the no-longer sleepy streets of the Tanintharyi Region capital, which is set to be transformed in coming years by a nearby special Economic Zone.

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Hotel Zayar Htet San

USD 37.00

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