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Shenzhen Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Luo Hu District Map

Hotel Name
Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen

Special Rate
New World Hotel

CNY 169.00
Regency Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 288.00
Royal Hotel

CNY 205.00
Shanshui Trends Luohu

Special Rate
She & He Apartment(Luohu Zunyu)

CNY 221.00
South Union Hotel

CNY 396.00
Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 552.00
The Art Hotel

CNY 249.00
The St. Regis Shenzhen

CNY 1,751.00
ZTL Hotel

Special Rate

Hotels in Luohu Railway Station Map

Hotel Name
CAA Holy Sun

CNY 363.00
Crowne Plaza Landmark

Special Rate

CNY 127.00
Feng Shun

CNY 226.00
Garden Inn Baoan South Branch

CNY 151.00
Garden Inn Dongmen Branch

CNY 133.00
Gold Hotel

CNY 267.00
Golden Lustre

CNY 387.00
Gorgeous Fad Hotel

CNY 193.00
Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

CNY 1,905.00
Greatsun Hotel

CNY 150.00
Greentree Inn Shenzhen Dongmen

CNY 177.00
GS International Hotel

CNY 236.00

CNY 469.00
Guangshen Shenzhen Hotel

CNY 236.00

CNY 226.00
Hedong Citycenter Hotel

CNY 186.00
Hongfeng Hotel

CNY 328.00
Honggui Hotel

CNY 463.00
Hotel Kapok Shenzhen

CNY 765.00

CNY 442.00
Lao Di Fang Hotel

CNY 325.00
Luo Hu

CNY 425.00
Lushan Hotel

CNY 401.00
Master Hotel Wenjindu

CNY 238.00
New Times Hotel

CNY 586.00
Shenzhen Muslim Hotel

CNY 161.00
Shenzhen She & He Apartment (Yuhedi)

CNY 240.00

CNY 901.00
The Bauhinia Hotel

CNY 449.00
The Overseas Chinese Building Hotel

CNY 176.00
The Panglin Hotel

CNY 872.00

CNY 298.00
Xing Yue Hotel

CNY 257.00
Yuejia Business Hotel

CNY 168.00

Hotels in Overseas Chinese Town Map

Hotel Name

USD 72.00
Seaview O·City Hotel

CNY 740.00
Shenzhen HongBo Hotel

CNY 353.00
The Venice Hotel

CNY 1,165.00
The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

CNY 1,312.00

Hotels in Shekou Industrial Zone Map

Hotel Name
Ascott Maillen Shenzhen

CNY 1,030.00

CNY 411.00
Ming Wah Int'L Convention

CNY 600.00
Shekou Haitao Hotel

CNY 349.00

Hotels in BaoAn Central District & Qianhai Map

Hotel Name
Doodle Cafe Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 158.00
Royal Rating Hotel

CNY 279.00
Shenzhen Sunris Prosperous Airport Hotel

CNY 227.70
Shenzhen Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel

CNY 530.00
Shenzhen Zhongtian Mayfair Hotel

Special Rate
Venus Royal Hotel - Shenzhen Shajing Qilin

CNY 411.00

Hotels in Buji & Shenzhen East Railway Station Map

Hotel Name
Eastern Banshan Hotel

CNY 281.40
Horizon Hotel

CNY 318.00

Hotels in Coastal City & Shenzhen Bay Port Map

Hotel Name
Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay

CNY 1,033.85
Kailida International Hotel

CNY 396.00

Hotels in Convention and Exhibition Center Map

Hotel Name
Golden Central Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 292.00
Grand Chu Hotel

CNY 340.00
Shenzhen Wongtee V Hotel

CNY 1,200.00
Xiangzhang Business Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 389.00

Hotels in Dahuang Port, Futian Port Map

Hotel Name
Tiancheng Shazui Hotel

CNY 328.00

Hotels in DaxiaoMeisha & Overseas Chinese Town Map

Hotel Name
Grand Meisha Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 296.70
Shenzhen Dameisha Kingkey Palace Hotel

CNY 702.00

Hotels in Guangming New District Map

Hotel Name
Shenzhen Kaileiston Hotel

CNY 318.00
Shenzhen Santavan Hotel

CNY 377.20

Hotels in Huaqiang Business District Map

Hotel Name
ShenZhen Forest Hotel

CNY 296.70
Tourism Trend Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 285.20
Vienna Hotel Fuhua Branch Shenzhen

CNY 248.00

Hotels in Longgang Central District Map

Hotel Name
Blog Hotel - Shenzhen Longgang

CNY 184.00
Rivan Hotel

CNY 408.00
Shenzhen Ack-Cyber Hotel

Special Rate
Shenzhen Castle Hotel

Special Rate
Six Star Motel - Shenzhen Longgang

CNY 359.00
Tangla Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 588.00
Yinhao Garden Hotel

CNY 268.00

Hotels in Longhua New District, Shenzhen North Railway Stati Map

Hotel Name
Fulai Garden Hotel, Shenzhen

Special Rate
Golden Paris Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 218.00
Kailong International Hotel

CNY 362.00
Ramada Plaza Shenzhen North

CNY 458.00
Shen Zhen Ka Rui Deng Hotel

CNY 338.00
Shenzhen Shuidu Holiday Hotel

CNY 498.00

Hotels in Luohu Port and Railway Station Map

Hotel Name
Best Western Shenzhen Felicity Hotel

CNY 428.00
Bomei Hotel

CNY 263.00
Century Plaza Hotel ShenZhen

CNY 494.50
FX Hotel East Lake Park Shenzhen

CNY 269.00
Guang Shen International Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 245.00
Pengker Deluxe Collection Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 468.00
Petrel Hotel

CNY 409.53
Prince Inn Shenzhen

CNY 241.50
Proud Way Hotel ShenZhen

CNY 368.00
Renshanheng Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 288.00
Royal Suites and Towers Hotel

CNY 551.00
Shenzhen Metropark Hotel

CNY 588.00
ShenZhen Overseas

CNY 195.50
Shenzhen Sun Island Holiday Hotel

CNY 207.00

Hotels in Other Map

Hotel Name
Bon-Garden Business Hotel

CNY 572.00

Hotels in Pingshan New District Map

Hotel Name
Romanjoy International Hotel

Special Rate

Hotels in Science and Technology Zone Map

Hotel Name
Lea Hotel - Shenzhen University

Special Rate
Richtown Hotel

CNY 248.00
Sentosa Hotel Shenzhen Feicui Branch

CNY 550.00

Hotels in Shajing & Songgang Map

Hotel Name
Shenzhen Hanyong Hotel - Shajing Branch

CNY 238.00

Hotels in Shekou Map

Hotel Name
Inoble - Inn

CNY 398.00
Shenzhen Yulong City Inn

CNY 163.50

Hotels in Shenzhen International Airport Map

Hotel Name

CNY 213.00

Hotels in The East Gate, Shuibei Map

Hotel Name
Lee Garden Inn Shenzhen

CNY 230.00
Six Star Motel - Shenzhen Luohu

CNY 999.00
Zense Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 460.00

Hotels in Wanxiang City, Kingkey 100 Map

Hotel Name
Modern Classic Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 1,118.00

Hotels in Yantian District Map

Hotel Name
Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 787.00
Oasis O.City Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 609.00
OCT East Cargo Hostel Shenzhen

CNY 382.00
Otique Aqua Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 519.00
Parkview O.City Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 430.00
Shenzhen Star Hotel

CNY 289.00
Shenzhen Watersky Hotel

CNY 387.00
The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 1,064.00

Hotels in Convention & Exhibition Center Map

Hotel Name
Asta Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 623.00
Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen

CNY 786.00
Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza

USD 110.00

Hotels in Futian North Huaqiang Map

Hotel Name
Chicago Suites International Hotel

CNY 272.00
City Inn Exhibition Center Branch

CNY 259.00
Difu Business Hotel

CNY 222.00
Dynasty Business Hotel

CNY 365.00
Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen

CNY 1,700.00
GDH Inn (Shenzhen Huahai)

CNY 193.00

CNY 887.00

CNY 778.00
Norinco Hotel

CNY 267.00
Orient Fashion Hotel

CNY 266.00

CNY 850.00
Pavilion Century Tower

CNY 689.00
Royalty Hotel

CNY 350.00
Shanghai Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 487.00
Shanshui Trends Hotel North Huaqiang

CNY 288.00
Shenzhen Fortune Hotel

CNY 442.00
Shenzhen Sichuan Hotel

USD 411.00
Sunflower Hotel & Residence

CNY 774.00
The Ritz-carlton Shenzhen

CNY 2,253.00
Yangfu Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 250.00

Hotels in Futian District Map

Hotel Name
City Inn Zhuzilin Branch

CNY 242.00
Guangdong Inn Huahai

CNY 250.00
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 1,437.00
Laguna Hotel

CNY 473.00
Lavender Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 186.00

CNY 688.00
Novotel Watergate

USD 67.00
Shanshui Trends Meilin Hotel

CNY 240.00
Shengang Hotel Apartment (Yuhedi Branch)

CNY 239.00
ShenzhenAir International Hotel

CNY 849.00
Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

CNY 1,730.00
Summer Inn

CNY 194.00
The Langham Shenzhen

CNY 1,401.00

Hotels in Nanshan District Map

Hotel Name
Holiday Inn Donghua

Special Rate
Home Fond Hotel

CNY 445.00
Junting Hotel - Nan You

CNY 203.00

CNY 1,251.00
Maple Leaf City Hotel

CNY 362.00
Maple Leaf Modern Hotel

CNY 287.00
Sentosa Hotel

CNY 792.00
Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch)

CNY 446.00
Shenzhen Better Hotel

CNY 150.00
Shenzhen Nanyuewan Hotel

CNY 240.00
South China Harbour View Hotel

CNY 326.00

CNY 201.00
U Hotel

CNY 356.00

CNY 250.00

Hotels in LongGang District Map

Hotel Name
Castle Hotel Shenzhen

CNY 785.00
Century Kingdom Hotel

CNY 675.00
Jisheng Hotel Shenzhen (Longgang Branch)

CNY 266.00
Lavender Hotel Shenzhen (Huanan City Branch)

CNY 97.00
Magnolia Hotel

CNY 221.00
Mission Hills Resort Shenzhen

CNY 1,236.00
Qiushuishan Grand Hotel

CNY 448.00
Royal Century Hotel

CNY 260.00
Sanlian Hotel

CNY 319.00
Shenzhen Keyu Hotel (Shui'an Xindu Branch)

CNY 213.00
Shenzhen Kingdom Impression Hotel

CNY 284.00
The Pavilion Hotel Longgang

CNY 482.00

Hotels in Bao An District Map

Hotel Name
Capital Plaza Hotel,Shenzhen

CNY 552.00
Grand Skylight International Guanlan

CNY 600.00
Green Oasis Hotel

CNY 132.00
Maple Leaf Convenience Hotel

CNY 150.00
Mellow Orange Hotel

CNY 178.00
Ming Tien Inn Baoan

CNY 177.00
Orient Sunseed Hotel

CNY 203.00
Shenzhen Hanyong Hotel - Wanfu Square Branch

CNY 308.00
Taizi Hotel

CNY 355.00
The Bonanza Hotel & SPA

CNY 473.00
Vienna Hotel Yousong Branch

CNY 230.00
Vienna King Hotel

CNY 141.00

Hotels in Fu Tian District ??? Map

Hotel Name
Shanghai Hotel,Shenzhen

Special Rate

Hotels in City Map

Hotel Name

CNY 713.00
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

Special Rate

USD 161.00