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Qingdao Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Chengyang District Zhengyang Road commercial area Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Tianrun Jinwang Hotel

CNY 368.00

Hotels in Golden Beach Scenic Area Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Beris Media Hotel

CNY 298.00

Hotels in No.1 Bathing Beach and Badaguan Scenic Area Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Donghai Hotel

CNY 380.00
Qingdao Huanghai Hotel

Special Rate
Qingdao Huiquan Dynasty Hotel

CNY 558.00

Hotels in Northern Central Business District Map

Hotel Name
Eastern Light International Hotel Qingdao

CNY 428.00

Hotels in Railway Station and Zhanqiao Area Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Lejiaxuan Nostalgia Theme Inn

CNY 99.00

Hotels in Sifang Long-distance Bus Station Area Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Sifang Hotel

CNY 148.00

Hotels in First Beach Map

Hotel Name
Grand Metro Park Hotel Qingdao

CNY 781.00
Qingdao Huaxi Hotel Jimo

CNY 386.00

Hotels in Licang Commercial Area Map

Hotel Name
Mingdu Gloria Plaza Hotel Qingdao

CNY 311.00
Qingdao Blue Horizon Hotel - Licang

CNY 476.00
Qingdao Guangye Jinjiang Hotel

CNY 390.00

Hotels in Shilaoren Area and Qingdao International Conven Map

Hotels in Licang District Map

Hotel Name
Qingdao Menoni Boutique Hotel

CNY 268.00
The Lalu Qingdao

CNY 3,450.00
Wyndham Grand Hotel Qingdao

CNY 888.00

Hotels in City Map

Hotel Name
Copthorne Hotel Qingdao

CNY 716.00

CNY 538.00
Eagle Canyon Hotel

CNY 403.00
Gloria Plaza Airport Hotel Qingdao

CNY 231.00
Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport

Special Rate
Home Joye Family Apartment

CNY 980.00
Laozhuancun China Community Art and Culture Hotel

CNY 231.00
Le Meridien Qingdao

CNY 889.00
Qingdao Grand Hoya Hotel

CNY 268.00
Qingdao Hanyuan Hotel

CNY 239.00
Qingdao Hotel

CNY 288.00
Qingdao Housing International Hotel

CNY 491.00
Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel

CNY 993.00
Qingdao Sweetome Vacation Rental (Damuzhi Finance Square)

CNY 312.00
Qingdao Villa Seaside

CNY 256.00