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Kunming Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Economical Development Zone Map

Hotel Name
The Kinhinglee Boutique Hotel

Special Rate

Hotels in Kunming City Center Map

Hotel Name
Grand Park Kunming

CNY 598.00
Green Land

CNY 657.00
Jinjiang Kunming

CNY 559.00

CNY 565.00

Hotels in Nanping Walking District Map

Hotel Name
UChoice Hotel Kunming

CNY 320.00

Hotels in New Asian Sports City Map

Hotel Name
Empark Grand Hotel,Kunming

CNY 492.00

Hotels in World Expo Park Map

Hotel Name
Howard Johnson City of Flower Hotel Kunming

CNY 439.00

Hotels in Other Map

Hotel Name
Howard Johnson Tropical Garden Plaza Kunming

CNY 750.00

CNY 1,100.00

Hotels in City Map

Hotel Name

CNY 772.00