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Guangzhou Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Tianhe District Map

Hotel Name
Ascott Guangzhou

CNY 1,030.00
Ascott IFC Guangzhou

CNY 1,077.00
Bostan Business Hotel

CNY 257.00
China Dragon Hotel (Guangzhou)

CNY 239.00
China Mayors Plaza

CNY 603.00
City Hotel-Yuancun Branch

CNY 159.00
Dan Executive Apartment Guangzhou

CNY 403.00
Daysunritz International Hotel

CNY 437.00
Dong Yi Business Hotel

CNY 257.00
Donlord International Hotel

CNY 445.00
Dragon Pearl Hotel

CNY 177.00
F&H Hotel(Apartment)

CNY 239.00
Four Points by Sheraton Guangzhou, Dongpu

CNY 721.00
Four Seasons Guangzhou

CNY 1,733.00
Fraser Suites Guangzhou

CNY 750.00
Garden Business Hotel

CNY 249.00
Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

CNY 1,082.00
Grand International Hotel

CNY 929.00
Guangdong Bostan

CNY 267.00
Guangdong Jin Bao Lai Hotel

CNY 239.00
Guangzhou Cosietime Hotel

CNY 133.00
Guangzhou Grand View WangHao Golden Palace Apartment

CNY 447.00
Guangzhou Haitao Hotel

CNY 214.00
Guangzhou Jianghe Hotel

CNY 290.00
Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe

Special Rate
Guangzhou Masia Hotel

CNY 160.00
Guangzhou OKWUDE Hotel Service Apartment

CNY 232.00
Guangzhou Yuwa Hotel

CNY 426.00

CNY 236.00
Hee Fun Apartment Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 383.00
Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe

CNY 966.00
Hui Ao Hotel

CNY 239.00
Imperial Traders Hotel

CNY 437.00
J hotel

CNY 340.00

CNY 302.00

USD 98.00
Jin Shun Hotel

CNY 168.00
Kintai Hotel

CNY 168.00
La Perle International Hotel

CNY 348.00

CNY 569.00
Li Peng

CNY 247.00
Long Zhou Hotel

CNY 257.00
Majestic Hotel

CNY 364.00
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou

CNY 2,060.00
Nan Feng Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 306.00
Nan Guo Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 417.00
Oakwood Premier Guangzhou

CNY 849.00

CNY 267.00
Peng An Hotel

CNY 168.00
PengMan Apartment (J.living)

CNY 311.00
President Hotel

CNY 412.00
Royal Mediterranean Hotel

CNY 616.00
Run Du Hotel

CNY 302.00
She & He Hotel Apartment-Huifeng

CNY 258.00
She&He Hotel Apartment-Wells

CNY 208.00
Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel

CNY 1,055.00
Shun Ying Li Yu Hotel

CNY 346.00
Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich

Special Rate
Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 804.00
Spring Time Hotel

CNY 177.00
Suntec Plaza Hotel Apartment

CNY 222.00
Teem Ease Hotel

CNY 205.00
The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou

Special Rate
Timmy Hotel

CNY 258.00
Vanburgh Hotel

CNY 610.00
Victoria hotel

CNY 482.00
Xuelong Hotel

CNY 177.00
Yutong Hotel

CNY 409.00

Hotels in Beijing Road Shopping Centre Map

Hotel Name

USD 57.00
Fu Ho Guangzhou Hotel

CNY 250.00

CNY 329.00
Holiday Inn Shifu

Special Rate
Hotel Landmark Canton

CNY 506.00

USD 53.00

Hotels in Shamian Area Map

Hotel Name
Best Residence Hotel - Guangzhou Hesheng Square

Special Rate
Euro Garden Hotel

CNY 250.70
Guangdong Victory

CNY 463.00
Guangdong Victory Hotel

CNY 391.00
Guangzhou Jintang Hotel

CNY 182.40
Guangzhou Kai Rong Du International Hotel

CNY 388.70
Guangzhou Pazhou Hotel

CNY 200.00
GuangZhou Yun Shang Kun Hotel

CNY 238.00
Impression Pazhou Hotel Apartment

CNY 330.00
Nan Yang Royal Hotel,Guangzhou

CNY 338.00
Wassim Hotel

CNY 338.00
Ying Ge Hai Holiday Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 262.20

Hotels in Convenience location to Pazhou Complex_????? Map

Hotel Name
Good International Hotel

CNY 660.00
Heng Dong Business Hotel

CNY 238.00
Hotel Royal

CNY 588.00
HuaShi (GDH) Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 378.90
Jian Li Harmony Hotel

CNY 358.00
Lilac International Suites Guangzhou

CNY 248.00
Mandarin Hotel

CNY 378.00

CNY 180.00
Nanyang King's Gate Hotel, Guangzhou

CNY 378.00
Shangde Hotel GuangZhou

CNY 331.20
Vienna Hotel Guangzhou Shaheding Metro Station Branch

CNY 292.10
Yanling Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 404.80
Yihe Apartment GuangZhou

CNY 438.00

Hotels in Fangcun District Map

Hotel Name
Best Residence Hotel - Guangzhou Zhengjia Huanshi Center

CNY 390.00
Guangzhou Ruyi Business Hotel

CNY 228.00
GuangZhou Tokai Hotel

CNY 243.30
Guangzhou Yi Shang Palace Hotel

CNY 321.60
Joyful Sea Hotel

CNY 150.00
Ocean Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 600.00
Yuebei Hotel

CNY 308.00

Hotels in Guangzhou Railway Station Map

Hotel Name
Baiyun City Hotel

CNY 249.00
Elan Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 299.00
Guangzhou ART Hotel

CNY 177.00
Guangzhou Pengda Hotel

CNY 207.00

Hotels in Haizhu Square Map

Hotel Name
Bai Ling Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 186.00
East Asia Hotel

CNY 168.00
Guangzhou Hotel

CNY 312.00
Yingshang Hotel (Guangzhou Zhongshan Ba Subway Station Branch)

CNY 218.00

Hotels in Huangpu District Map

Hotel Name
Cedar Hotel

CNY 382.00
Guangzhou Gangwan Business Hotel

CNY 177.00
Miya Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 147.00

Hotels in Jinshazhou Map

Hotel Name
Golden Vision Hotel

CNY 328.00

Hotels in Liwan District Map

Hotel Name
Guangzhou Shang Jiu Wan Hotel

CNY 155.00

Hotels in Luogang & Huangpu/Zengcheng District Map

Hotel Name
The Phoenix City Hotel

CNY 638.00

Hotels in Luogang District Map

Hotel Name
Guangzhou Chuanghui Business Hotel

CNY 266.00
Guangzhou Hung Fuk Mun Hotel

CNY 168.00
ibis Guangzhou GDD

Special Rate
Landmark International Hotel Science City

CNY 357.00

Hotels in New Baiyun International Airport Map

Hotel Name
S&P Holiday Inn Guangzhou

CNY 209.00

Hotels in Pazhou Complex Map

Hotel Name
Bangtai International Apartment

CNY 313.00
Guangzhou Royal Garden Hotel

CNY 355.00
Haiyue Hotel

CNY 151.00
It World

CNY 380.00
Poly World Trading Center Serviced Apartment

CNY 340.00
Royal Garden Hotel

CNY 425.00
Shangri-la Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 1,504.00
The Westin Pazhou

CNY 906.00

Hotels in New International Airport Map

Hotel Name
Guang Sha

CNY 346.00
Guangzhou Country Garden Airport Phoenix Hotel

CNY 538.00
Pullman Baiyun Airport

USD 139.00

Hotels in Yue Xiu District Map

Hotel Name
Blue Sky Hotel

CNY 239.00
Chateau Star River

CNY 446.00
Forest Hotel

CNY 178.00
Gardford International Hotel

CNY 248.00
Guangzhou Hilbin Hotel

CNY 355.00
Guangzhou Ming Hong Hotel-Zhixing

CNY 239.00
Guangzhou Minghong Hotel -Xiwan

CNY 161.00
Guangzhou Suiyun Hotel

CNY 132.00
Guangzhou Taixiang Business Hotel

CNY 221.00
Guangzhou Yingshang Hotel (Railway Station Branch)

CNY 258.00
Jovenstars Hotel

CNY 356.00
Lucky Hotel

CNY 168.00
Nomo Times International YOU Apartment

CNY 268.00
Q-City Hotel

CNY 404.00
Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 494.00

CNY 258.00
Sealy Hotel

CNY 196.00
The Bauhinia Hotel

CNY 256.00
The Garden Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 1,298.00
Tian Yu Hotel

CNY 177.00

CNY 257.00
Xidiwan Hotel

CNY 139.00
Yihe Hotel Ouzhuang

CNY 377.00
Ying Hao Hotel

CNY 212.00

Hotels in HuanShi Rd Business Centre Map

Hotel Name
Asia International

CNY 640.00

CNY 480.00
Guangdong Geological Landscape Hotel

CNY 293.00
Guangzhou Junye Hotel

CNY 255.00
Kecheng Holiday Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 416.00
The Garden Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 2,891.00

Hotels in BaiYun District Map

Hotel Name
Baiyun Lakeside Hotel

CNY 444.00
Calvin Hotel

CNY 294.00
China Smart Hotel

CNY 319.00

CNY 260.00
Goten Hotel

CNY 203.00
Guangzhou Hengda Hotel

CNY 609.00
Guangzhou one plus one business hotel

CNY 203.00
Guangzhou Tianda Hotel

CNY 188.00
Guangzhou Yuncheng Hotel

CNY 177.00
Hilton Guangzhou Baiyun

CNY 757.00
ibis Guangzhou Huangshi

Special Rate
Jia He Hotel

CNY 168.00
Junshan Hotel

CNY 203.00
Lu Yue Hotel

CNY 185.00
Mountain Villa

CNY 327.00
Poly Hotel

CNY 293.00
Shengdi Hotel

CNY 177.00

CNY 267.00
Zhengjia Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 203.00

Hotels in Development District Map

Hotels in Haizhu District Map

Hotel Name
Bontai Hotel, Guangzhou

CNY 257.00
Cavan Hotel

CNY 339.00
Cozy Hotel

CNY 357.00
Fortune Hotel

CNY 458.00
Gangrun Mingyue Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 410.70
Guangdong Datang Hotel

CNY 212.00
Guangzhou Hiphop International Apartment (Dabiao branch)

CNY 257.00
Guangzhou Mei Gang Hotel

CNY 237.60
Guangzhou River Rhythm Hotel

Special Rate
Guangzhou Xing Yi International Apartment Hotel

CNY 266.00
Hengtai Hotel Guangzhou

Special Rate
Hongfan Hotel

CNY 179.00
Jiang Yue Hotel

CNY 250.00
Master Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 259.00
Milu Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 188.00
Pearl River International Hotel

CNY 387.00
Ramada Plaza Guangzhou

CNY 668.00
Rui-Cheng Commatel Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 212.00
San Flowery Hotel

CNY 275.00
Sotelinn Cultura Guangzhou Tianhe Tangxia Hotel

CNY 308.00
U Hotel South Pear SOHO

CNY 266.00
Vertical City Hotel

CNY 430.00
Wa King Town Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 394.00
YiFeng Hotel

CNY 312.00

Hotels in Panyu Area Map

Hotel Name
Chateau Star River Haiyi Peninsula

CNY 881.00
Chime Long Hotel

CNY 761.00
Country Garden Holiday Resorts

CNY 420.00
Day Xi Hotel

CNY 150.00
Nan Fang Yi Yuan Hotel

CNY 266.00
Royal Marina Plaza

CNY 710.00
Star River Apartment

CNY 444.00

Hotels in Bai Yun Mountain白云山 Map

Hotel Name
Days Inn Guangzhou

CNY 358.00
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center

CNY 680.00
Royal Tulip Luxury Hotel Carat

CNY 539.00
Sotelinn Cultura Guangzhou Sanyuanli Hotel

CNY 259.00

Hotels in Huadu District Map

Hotel Name
Country Garden Holiday Islands Hotel

CNY 548.00

Hotels in Liu Hua Lake Map

Hotel Name
China Hotel A Marriott Guangzhou

USD 90.00
Dongfang Hotel

Special Rate

Hotels in Beijing Rd Shopping Centre ???? Map

Hotels in Huansi Rd Business Center Map

Hotel Name
Bai Yun

CNY 627.00
Guangzhou Nansha Grand Hotel

CNY 626.00

Hotels in Ren Min Road 人民路 Map

Hotels in xianlei Middle Road先烈中路 Map

Hotel Name
Chan Kong Hotel Guangzhou

CNY 291.00
Guangzhou Atlantis Family Hotel

CNY 350.00
Vanguard Hotel

CNY 345.00
Vienna International Hotel Guangzhou-Panyu Shiqiao Center Branch

CNY 280.00
Yi Yuan Hotel

CNY 273.70
Yimi Hotel - Guangzhou Shiqiao Subway Station

CNY 105.00

Hotels in City Map

Hotel Name

CNY 723.00

CNY 616.00

CNY 492.00