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Sihanouk Ville Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Beach front Map

Hotel Name
Coolabah Hotel

USD 27.00
Golden Sand Hotel

USD 43.00
Golden Sea Hotel & Casino

USD 51.00
Independence Hotel Resort & Spa

USD 64.00
Lakeside by Sokha Beach Resort

Special Rate
Song Saa Private Island Resort

USD 1,994.00
Thai Yang Chhen Hotel

USD 49.00

Hotels in Koh Rong Island Map

Hotel Name
Kohrong Beach Bungalow

USD 46.00
Longset Resort

USD 96.00
Sok San Beach Resort

USD 90.00
The Royal Sands Koh Rong

USD 408.00

Hotels in Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach Map

Hotel Name
Aristocrat Residence & Hotel

USD 162.00
Bao Mai Resort & Casino

USD 61.00
Beach Club Resort

USD 38.00
Beach Road Hotel

USD 15.00
Holiday Villa Nataya

USD 42.00
Johnson Beach Hotel

USD 23.00
Moon Julie Hotel

USD 42.00

Hotels in Otres Beach Map

Hotel Name
Eolia Beach Resort

USD 33.00
Legacy Hotel & Resort

USD 46.00
Naia Resort

USD 96.00
Otres Orchid Beach Resort

USD 15.00
Sea Breeze Resort

USD 72.00
Tamu Hotel

USD 89.00
White Boutique Hotel

USD 130.00

Hotels in Sokha Beach Map

Hotel Name
Cambodian Resort

USD 37.00
Moha Mohori by Sokha Beach Resort

USD 379.00
Sokha Beach Resort

USD 148.00
Sokha Express By Sokha Beach Resort

USD 69.00

Hotels in Victory Beaches Map

Hotel Name
Queenco Hotel & Casino

USD 64.00

Hotels in City Map

Hotel Name
Hotel Gold Cambodia

USD 29.42
King Gold Hotel & Apartment

USD 53.72
Nice Beach Hotel

USD 23.44
Pagoda Rocks Boutique Resort

USD 59.64

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